Students selected for the 2013 program were, from left, Bianca Riddick, Colleen McClatchy, and Shyanne Miller (not pictured). The following information pertains to the time of their participation in the Summer Institute.

Colleen McClatchy was advised by Dr. Angelia Seyfferth in UD's Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences.
School: UD / Major: chemistry
Project: Arsenic in Mushrooms and Its Effect on the Human Diet
Click here to read Colleen's poster abstract.

Shyanne Miller was advised by Dr. Jacob Bowman in UD's Dept. of Entomology and Applied Ecology.
School: UD / Major: wildlife conservation
Project: Does Calvin Klein's "Obsession" for Men Perfume Effect the Detection of Mesocarnivores?
Click here to read Shyanne's poster abstract.

Bianca Riddick was advised by Dr. Nicole Donofrio in UD's Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences.
School: Norfolk State University / Major: biology
Project: Comparing Virulence and Gene Expression in Asexually and Sexually Derived Populations of the Rice Blast Fungus
Click here to read Bianca's poster abstract.

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