Students selected for the 2011 program were, from left, Kamedra McNeil, Stephanie Chew, Criztal Hernandez, Bianca Morales, and Connie Gatlin. The following information pertains to the time of their participation in the Summer Institute.

Stephanie Chew was advised by Dr. Robert Dyer in UD's Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences.
School: UD / Major: animal science
Project: Elevated Pro-inflammatory Cytokines and Metalloprotease Gene Transcription in Early and Late Bovine Sole Ulceration

Connie Gatlin was advised by Dr. Judith Hough-Goldstein in UD's Dept. of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology. School: Lincoln University / Major: entomology with a minor in psychology
Project: A Comparison of Biodiversity in an Established Wetland vs. a Newly-created Wetland

Criztal Hernandez was co-advised by Drs. Dallas Hoover and Kalmia Kniel, both in UD's Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences.
School: UD / Major: food agribusiness management
Project: Removal of Salmonella Newport and E. coli from Water Using a Zero Valent Iron Filtration System

Kamedra McNeil was advised by Dr. Janine Sherrier in UD's Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences.
School: Winston-Salem State University / Major: molecular biology
Project: Early Development of Symbiotic Root Nodules in Pisum sativum

Bianca Morales was co-advised by Drs. Carmine Balascio and Anastasia Chirnside, both in UD's Dept. of Bioresources Engineering.
School: UD / Major: environmental engineering with minors in chemistry and economics
Project: Automated Water Quality Sampling for Evaluation of an Advanced Bioretention System

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