Molecular Biology & Genomic Research Faculty

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  • Bais, Harsh Pal, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-4889
    Keywords: Molecular Biology & Genomic Research Faculty
  • Cogburn III, Larry A, Professor
    (302) 831-2523
    Keywords: comparative physiology of domestic animals, avian physiology
  • Donofrio, Nicole M, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-2531
    Keywords: interactions between plants and fungal plant pathogens, gene regulation and interactions between pathogens and their hosts
  • Dyer, Robert M, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-4160
    Keywords: respiratory diseases of cattle and swine, dairy cattle health, large animal lameness
  • Fuhrmann, Jeffry J, Professor
    (302) 831-1371
    Keywords: ecology of microbial populations in soil-plant systems; microbial community responses to environmental perturbations; effects of soil-borne viruses on microbial communities; symbiotic nitrogen fixation
  • Gelb Jr., Jack, Chairperson
    (302) 831-2524
    Keywords: surveillance, epidemiology, pathogenesis and control of respiratory and immunosuppressive viral diseases of poultry, development and evaluation of vaccines
  • Green, Pamela J, Crawford H Greenwalt Professor
    (302) 831-6160
    Keywords: gene expression in higher plants, fate of mRNA molecules
  • Gressley, Tanya, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-1940
    Keywords: dairy nutrition and dairy health, focusing on how cow management and feeding practices impact cow health
  • Keeler Jr., Calvin L, Professor
    (302) 831-2524
    Keywords: genomic factors influencing pathogenicity of avian herpes viruses and mycoplasmas and host immune response to these and other pathogens
  • Kniel, Kali, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-6513
    Keywords: food and waterborne protozoa and viruses and use of non-thermal methods to inactivate these organisms on fresh produce
  • Lee, Jung-Youn, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-3230
    Keywords: plant cell communication through plasmodesmata, plant growth and development
  • Meyers, Blake C, Chairperson, Ed/Eliz Goodman Rosenberg Professor
    (302) 831-3418
    Keywords: bioinformatcs, plant functional genomics, small RNA, DNA methylation, genomes of rice
  • Morgan, Robin W, Professor
    (302) 831-2524
    Keywords: molecular biology of Marek's disease virus, vaccine development, microarray technology
  • Parcells, Mark Steven, Professor
    (302) 831-0114
    Keywords: Marek\'s disease virus, evolution of virulence
  • Schmidt, Carl J, Professor
    (302) 831-1334
    Keywords: Herpesviruses in chickens & turkeys, Marek\'s disease virus, DNA sequencing & array analysis, host cell response to infection, fusion of proteins, confocal microscopy
  • Sherrier, Janine, Acting Deputy Dean and Professor
    (302) 831-3550
    Keywords: symbiosis between legumes and soil microbes, nitrogen fixation, plant pathogen interactions, plant development, proteomics
  • Wisser, Randall J., Assistant Professor
    (302) 831-2531
    Keywords: Analysis natural variation, quantitative genetics, artificial selection, disease resistance