Earth and Environmental Sciences Research Faculty

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  • Balascio, Carmine C, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-8872
    Keywords: storm water management, surface water quality, hydrologic modeling
  • Chirnside, Anastasia, Assistant Professor
    (302) 831-8871
    Keywords: water quality and waste management, lab analysis, bioremediation
  • Emara, Marlene G, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-1344
    Keywords: mechanisms that regulate the immune response of broiler chickens to avian pathogens
  • Fuhrmann, Jeffry J, Professor
    (302) 831-1371
    Keywords: ecology of microbial populations in soil-plant systems; microbial community responses to environmental perturbations; effects of soil-borne viruses on microbial communities; symbiotic nitrogen fixation
  • Glancey, James Lawrence, Associate Professor
    (302) 831-1179
    Keywords: application of the solid mechanics, controls, sensors, development of new or improved products and automated processes; the forensics of product failures
  • Inamdar, Shreeram, Professor
    (302) 831-8877
    Keywords: watersheds, riparian and wetland ecosystems
  • Jin, Yan, Professor
    (302) 831-6962
    Keywords: colloid and colloid-facilitated contaminant transport in porous media, removal and inactivation of waterborne viruses
  • Parcells, Mark Steven, Professor
    (302) 831-0114
    Keywords: Marek\'s disease virus, evolution of virulence
  • Ritter, William F, Professor
    (302) 831-2468
    Keywords: groundwater pollution waste management water quality modeling surface water contamination irrigation management
  • Sims, James Thomas, Professor
    (302) 831-2698
    Keywords: cycling, fate, and transport of phosphorus and nitrogen in soils and the development of profitable, environmentally sound agricultural nutrient management practices
  • Sparks, Donald Lewis, S. Hallock du Pont Professor
    (302) 831-8153
    Keywords: kinetics of soil chemical processes, surface chemistry of soils and soil components using in-situ spectroscopic and microscopic techniques
  • Vasilas, Bruce Larue, Professor
    (302) 831-1391
    Keywords: identification, morphology and interpretation of hydric soils, wetlands ecology, wetland identification and delineation
  • Wommack, K Eric, Professor
    (302) 831-4362
    Keywords: viruses and viral infection in microbial communities, population level processes in microbial communities