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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ faculty are not only great teachers, advisors, mentors, and researchers, they have a reputation of being some of the most down-to-earth people around campus. Many of them have unique interests outside their faculty roles that make them even more interesting as individuals.

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Dr. Steven Hastings

Dr. Steven Hastings, Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Applied Resources and Economics, enjoys spending his free time welding scrap metal into "works of art."  Seen here next to his “Self Portrait,” he’s also been working on refurbishing a 1942 Dodge Pickup Truck that’s been “in the family” since that time.  He claims, “I hope to drive it to work one day before I retire!"

Dr. Steen Hastings Photo Steve Hastings

Dr. Eric Benson

Dr. Eric Benson, Associate Professor in the Departments of Animal & Food Sciences and Bioresources Engineering, started training, racing and running sled dogs about ten years ago. It started with an over active and over achieving house dog who simply wouldn’t tire out with simply a walk around the block and has now lead to team of six furry sled pets. “Dog sledding is all about the dogs,” said Benson. “It’s a treat to get to work with each dog and learn their individual personalities.” Eric and his wife, Catherine, run Maryland Sled Dog Adventures, which provides educational dog sledding experiences for scouting groups, individual rides, and even a women’s only intensive weekend long dog sledding opportunity. “We are typically on the trail three to five times a week between training and programs,” said Benson. In the mid-Atlantic region, dog sledding training is often done dryland, or with wheels, and with snow sleds when the conditions are appropriate. The Bensons have been dog sledding all over New England, into Canada, and many places in between.

Eric Benson Photos Eric Benson Photos

Dr. Sue Barton

Dr. Sue Barton, Associate Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences started doing triathlons several years ago and was so enamored with training in all three disciplines, she started the UD Triathlon Training Club. Since then, Barton has competed in 13 triathlons and the UD Triathlon Club is now a student club sport with Barton as the faculty advisor. Barton also teaches UD cycle and yoga in the UD fitness program. If you can’t find her around Townsend Hall, or in the classroom, look for her at the Carpenter Sports Building!

Sue Barton Photo Sue Barton Photos

Dr. John Frett

Dr. John Frett, Professor in Plant and Soil Science and Director of the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens, spends his time at UD engrossed in plants but shifts to the animal world at home.  He breeds Angora goats, about 60 at any given time, so spring not only blooms but it leaps and bleats with the energy of newly born kids.  But there truly are not two different passions, it is actually one, the passion to understand and appreciate the circle of life.

John Frett Photos John Frett Photos

Dr. Limin Kung

Dr. Limin Kung, S. Hallock du Pont Professor of Animal & Food Sciences, specializes in the nutrition of dairy cattle. His expertise is requested throughout the world and he travels to many countries teaching short courses and presenting seminars. Outside of work he is an avid gardener (no he does not feed his perennial flowers to his cows!), and loves whippets but photography has become his biggest passion. Seen here is one of his favorite shots. The photo of him with his camera was taken by daughter Brianna. Looks like photography “runs” in the family.

Limin Kung Photo Limin Kung Photo

Dr. Kyle McCarthy

Dr. Kyle McCarthy, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Conservation, spends his time away from work hunting, fishing, playing hockey, and travelling the world. Each year, he visits a remote fly-in lodge in Northern Saskatchewan to fish for world class pike. His largest is a 42 incher (not the minnow pictured here!) which allows him the title of “Master Angler” in Saskatchewan. Kyle also loves to play hockey, though he still sometimes has to use the boards to stop and occasionally falls over when trying to take a slap shot. Perhaps that is why he is still in search of a team in the local adult league!

Kyle McCarthy Photo Kyle McCarthy Photo