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Located in the heart of Sussex County, the Research and Education Center (REC), formerly known as the Agricultural Experiment Substation, is the southern campus for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. For six decades the REC has served as a proving ground for high-profile environmental and agricultural studies and practices that extend far beyond Delaware's boarders. The research conducted the REC's 350 acres has contributed to the improvement of agronomic and vegetable crops for ever-better quality and profitability. Innovative farming methods and equipment that safeguard water and soil quality and increase harvest efficiency have been launched there. The REC also is the home of UD's world-renown diagnostic poultry program, which has contributed to broiler health throughout Delmarva for more than half a century. The hub for Sussex County Cooperative Extension, the REC houses educators and agents who take to all citizens educational programs on nutrition, agriculture, child development, family well-being, financial management and home gardening.

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