Who We Are and What We Do

Mission Statement: The Fischer Greenhouse Complex and Plant Growth Facility provide the primary greenhouse space available to faculty, professionals, staff and students.   The facilities are dedicated to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge through research, teaching and outreach activities, Extension demonstrations, departmental functions, and sponsored student organizations.


Permanent Greenhouse Staff

The Greenhouse Manager and the Greenhouse Supervisor make up the permanent staff of the facility.

Greenhouse Manager

The daily operation of the Greenhouse Complex/Plant Growth Facility, including space allocation, is under the authority of the Greenhouse Manager.  The Greenhouse Manager, under the direct supervision of the Chair of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, coordinates the function of the facility as follows: 

Greenhouse Supervisor

The Greenhouse Supervisor, under direct supervision of the Greenhouse Manager, is responsible for maintaining and supervising activities in the Greenhouse Complex/Plant Growth Facility.  Principal emphasis is on greenhouse and plant growth facility resources (water supply, air supply, chilled water, electricity and mechanical systems), as well as the following:

Temporary Greenhouse Staff

The following duties are performed by the temporary greenhouse staff, under the direct supervision of the greenhouse manager:

Greenhouse Advisory Committee (GAC)

The Greenhouse Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the Chair of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.  The GAC will be charged with the following: