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A Nutrient Management Bibliography - Publications of the Faculty and Staff of the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources - 2005 - A Joint Publication of the Institute of Soil and Environmental Quality and the University of Delaware Soil Testing Program (58 pages)

Fact Sheet NM-01  Delaware's State Nutrient Management Program: An Overview of the 1999 Delaware Nutrient Management Act by J.T. Sims (2 pages)

Fact Sheet NM-02  Nutrient Management for Delaware Agriculture - Developing a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan by A.B. Leytem and J.T. Sims (4 pages)

Fact Sheet NM-03  End-of-Season Corn Stalk Nitrate Testing to Optimize Nitrogen Management by D. Hansen, G. Binford, and J.T. Sims (2 pages) 

Fact Sheet NM-04  Interpreting Soil Phosphorus Tests by J.T. Sims, A.B. Leytem, and K.L. Gartley (4 pages) 

Fact Sheet ST-05   The Phosphorus Site Index: A Phosphorus Management Strategy for Delaware's Agricultural Soils by J.T. Sims and A.B. Leytem (6 pages) 

Fact Sheet NM-05  Fertigating with Groundwater Nitrogen by J.T. Sims and J.L. Campagnini (2 pages) 

Fact Sheet NM-06  Phosphorus Removal by Delaware Crops by J.T. Sims and J.L. Campagnini (4 pages)

Fact Sheet NM-07  Phosphorus in Poultry Litter: New Guidelines from the University of Delaware by D. Hansen, J. Nelson, G. Binford, T. Sims, and B. Saylor (4 pages)

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