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September 2004

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I.   Statewide Water Forum Wed. Oct. 13;       

II.  Grad. student, post-doc, professional jobs;    III. Project funding and awards programs;      

IV. 2004 & 2005 conferences; and V.   New water resources information and training.


I.          4th Annual STATEWIDE WATER FORUM WED. OCT. 13 is now FREE



“The Historic Christina Basin: Delaware's First Watershed" is the topic of a free public program of water policy presentations and panel discussions to be held from 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 13, at the University of Delaware Clayton Hall.  The Delaware Water Resources Center (DWRC), University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration (IPA), UD Water Resources Agency (WRA), Delaware Geological Survey (DGS), and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) are sponsoring this fourth annual event. Although the event is free courtesy of the co-sponsors, attendees will need to pre-register by Friday, Oct. 8.  To register, notify Ruth Fallis at 302-831-4925, fax 302-831-4934, or via e-mail [rfallis@udel.edu] with your name, organization, title, address, phone and email address.  For information, call 302-831-4925.  Parking for the event is free in adjacent lots.  For the Forum brochure, agenda, and directions, follow the link from http://ag.udel.edu/dwrc/.


The Christina Basin includes the land area drained by the Christina River and the Brandywine, Red Clay, and White Clay Creeks, forming a watershed encompassing much of Chester (PA) and New Castle (DE) Counties and part of Cecil County (MD).  Come learn about the Christina Basin’s local history, stream health, inter-state and inter-agency cooperative advocacy and management, residential water quality measures, and other new and ongoing initiatives that have earned the Basin a #1 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) national ranking. 


The agenda includes introductions by IPA Director Jerome Lewis and DWRC Director Tom Sims; keynote speeches by representatives of DNREC and USEPA (invited); and four moderated panels of watershed scientists, administrators, and advocates from both Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Panelists include DNREC watershed scientist Sam Myoda, Delaware State Geologist and DGS Director John Talley, Appoquinimink watershed coordinator Sara Wozniak, WRA water researcher Kevin Vonck, Delaware Nature Society advocacy Director Jennifer Gochenaur, UD political science professor Janet Johnson, WRA watershed analyst Martha Corrozi, invited   headwaters representatives from Chester County Water Resources Authority and Conservation  District, Brandywine Valley Association director Bob Struble, Red Clay Valley Association deputy director Jim Jordan, White Clay Creek Wild and Scenic River Committee river manager Linda Stapleford, and The Christina Conservancy’s president Ned Cooch.  Featured luncheon  speaker is WRA director of watershed policy Gerald Kauffman. 


Posters will be exhibited in the lobby throughout the event, and a 2 p.m. field trip to the Newark reservoir is planned following adjournment of the program.



Current Delaware State University (DSU) job listings (as of September 1, 2004) include a $38,000 postdoctoral research fellowship, research assistantships at the graduate level (ranging from $15,000 - $24,000) in coastal research management, fisheries/aquaculture, and marine biology (shellfish-algae dynamics) and at the undergraduate level ($5,000) doing work for the NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center Program.  $2000 part-year and $4000 full-year undergraduate scholarships in the DSU Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources are also described.   Visit http://cars.desu.edu/faculty/mreiter/opportunities.htm.


USDA still lists up-to-date student, post-doc, and professional job vacancies nationwide for Agriculture Research Service (ARS), Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES), Economic Research Service (ERS), and National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS), at http://www.afm.ars.usda.gov/hrd/jobs/index.htm.  Current examples are Maryland and Georgia research hydrologist positions with a closing date of Oct. 4, 2004. The U.S. government jobs clearinghouse “USAjobs” site at http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/ currently lists, for example, 53 openings using search keywords “water” and “engineering”.


For details concerning the National  Science Foundation's 2005 East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Program (application deadline Dec. 10, 2004 for summer 2005), visit http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2003/nsf03608/nsf03608.htm or contact Tony Teolis, National Science Foundation, 703-292-7343 (ateolis@nsf.gov).  Awardees will receive an NSF stipend of $3,000 for an 8-week project and will also receive an international round-trip air ticket; sponsoring organizations will support living arrangements and expenses.




USEPA’s Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection, developed by an Office of Water Finance Work group with representatives from staff in the Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, Office of Wastewater Management, and Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, is now updated and online at http://cfpub.epa.gov/fedfund/.




The Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library has updated its comprehensive web page http://www.nal.usda.gov/wqic/meetings.html listing water meetings and calls-for-papers as of Sept. 7.  Another internet source for water-related seminars is found at http://www.usawaterquality.org/events/default.html .  A subset and some additions follow:


IV.  2004 SEMINARS / CONFERENCES (Continued)

September 26-30, 2004: "Managing Nutrient Inputs and Exports in the Rural Landscape". USEPA 12th National Nonpoint Source (NPS) Monitoring Workshop, Princess Royale Oceanfront Hotel & Conference Center, Ocean City, MD.  Point of contact: Tammy Taylor taylor@ctic.purdue.edu 765-494-1814. 

Visit http://www.ctic.purdue.edu/NPSWorkshop/NPSWorkshop.html


October 8, 2004: Registration deadline for free Oct. 13 4th Annual Delaware Statewide Water

Resources Forum (see below).  Phone (302-831-4925), fax (302-831-4934) or email Ruth Fallis

(rfallis@udel.edu) with your name, organization and title if any, address, phone, email address.

October 9-10, 2004:  National Academy of Sciences Sackler Colloqium “The Role of Science in Solving the World's Emerging Water Problems”.  A special registration fee of $100 is offered to members of the water community.  See http://www4.nationalacademies.org/nas/nashome.nsf/


October 13, 2004: Delaware Water Policy Forum, UD Newark (see I. DWRC NEWS, above). http://www.wr.udel.edu/publicservice/WaterForum2004/WaterForum04Home.html.


October 18-20, 2004: 2004 Agriculture and Water Quality Conference, Boise, Idaho.  http://www.agwaterqualitynw.org/brochure.pdf


October 20-23, 2004: 3rd National Conference on Nonpoint Source Pollution Information and Education Programs, Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago, Illinois.  Cosponsored by Chicago Botanic Garden and USEPA.  Target audiences include nonpoint source, watershed, and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program staff at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as environmental service groups that may work with education programs.  For conference details, see http://www.chicagobotanic.org/research/conference/nonpoint.


October 25-28, 2004: 7th Annual Watersheds & Wetlands Workshop: “The Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems Using Watershed-Based Approaches”.  Holiday Inn-Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Visit http://www.wetlandsworkgroup.org/wetreg7/7th_workshop.htm for tentative agenda, directions, accommodations, registration info.  This organization just presented the “Watershed Summit on the Delaware: Making the Connection” event Sept. 13-15 in Wilmington.  Contact Ralph J. Spagnolo at (215) 814-2718 Spagnolo.Ralph@EPA.gov or Frank Reilly at (540) 286-0072, Frank@WetlandsWorkGroup.org for details.


Nov. 1-4, 2004: American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Annual Water Resources Conference, Orlando, FL.  Visit http://www.awra.org/meetings/Orlando2004/index.html  




Feb. 14-15, 2005: American Water Resources Association (AWRA) 2nd National Water Resources Policy Dialogue, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson, AZ.  Visit http://www.awra.org/meetings/Tucson2005/index.html


Apr. 14, 2005: White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee White Clay Creek Symposium, all day event exploring opportunities and responsibilities in the watershed of this National Wild and Scenic River, at UD Clayton Hall.  Keynote address "The Livable Landscape" by nationally known conservation author/photographer Rick Darke.  For information contact Linda Stapleford, 302-731-1756, lstaplef@msn.com.  Visit http://mercury.ccil.org/~wcc_ws/.

Water Environment Federation 2005 Specialty Conferences: http://www.wef.org/conferences/

Feb. 6-9, 2005: WEF DISINFECTION 2005: Sharing Disinfection Technologies: Water,        Wastewater, Water Reuse and Biosolids.  Phoenix Marriott Mesa, Phoenix, AZ.

Feb. 27 – Mar. 2, 2005: WEF/AWWA 2005 Joint Management Conference, Omni Atlanta at CNN Center, Atlanta, GA.

Apr. 17-20, 2005:  2005 WEF/AWWA/KY-TN WEA Joint Residuals and Biosolids Specialty Conference, Nashville Convention Ctr. and Nashville Renaissance Hotel, Nashville, TN.

April 17-20, 2005: AWWA/WEF Information Management & Technology Conference and Exposition, Hyatt Regency Denver, Denver, CO.

June 26-29, 2005: WEF TMDL 2005. Hyatt Regency Philadelphia PA.

July 17-20, 2005:  WEF Collection Systems 2005: Sustaining Aging Infrastructure: System, Workforce and Funding.  Boston, MA.  Abstracts due* Sept. 28, 2004

Aug. 28-31, 2005: WEF Technology 2005:  2nd Joint Specialty Conference for Sustainable Management of  Water Quality Systems for the 21st Century - Working to Protect Public Health.  Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA.   *Abstracts due* October 11, 2004


July 19-22, 2005: Watershed Management Conference "Managing Watersheds for Human and Natural Impacts: Engineering, Ecological, and Economic Challenges", Williamsburg, VA, sponsored by the Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Ninth in a series of specialty conferences focused on watershed management since 1965. Visit http://www.asce.org/conferences/watershedmanagement2005/




Keyword search for 2004-2005 UD water-related courses and faculty contacts:

From DWRC:  Visit http://ag.udel.edu/dwrc/faculty.html for the link and search instructions.


New tools from USGS: The new June 2004 Wetlands Mapper (http://wetlandsfws.er.usgs.gov) lets you view and acquire wetlands data and build, search, query, and download custom digital maps in the area you choose.  Also, invertebrate community data from 1,700 stream sites in more than 50 major river basins across the nation can now be downloaded from the NAWQA Data Warehouse (http://water.usgs.gov/nawqa/data). Data are from more than 5,000 invertebrate community samples that were collected 1993-2002 by the USGS National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program.  The NAWQA Data Warehouse also provides online access to data on fish communities from more than 1,000 stream locations, as well as data from thousands of water-quality samples from about 6,400 stream sites and 7,000 wells, and from streambed sediment and aquatic animal tissue.  Water-quality samples are analyzed for pesticides, trace elements, volatile organic compounds, and nutrients; sediment and tissue samples are analyzed for organic compounds, such as DDT, and trace elements, such as mercury.


Training:  Nutrient Management Certification courses scheduled for Fall 2004 and Winter 2005 are listed at http://www.rec.udel.edu/nutrient/page3.html.  For Nutrient Management Commission  information, visit (http://www.state.de.us/deptagri/nutrients/index.htm).

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