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November-December 2004

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In this month’s issue, online at http://ag.udel.edu/dwrc/newsletters/nov-dec04.htm :


I.   DWRC News: 2005 Undergraduate Internships in Water Resources and more;

II.  Jobs in Water Resources, including EPA’s 2005 NNEMS fellowship program;

III.  Project funding: NIWR’s 2005 $250,000 National Competitive Grants Program;

IV.  Upcoming conferences;

V.   New information sources in water resources



The Delaware Water Resources Center announces the availability of undergraduate internships in water resources for 2005-2006. Co-sponsors of the 2005 DWRC internship program include the Delaware Geological Survey, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Science, College of Engineering, College of Marine Studies, and Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, and the UD Water Resources Agency.  All undergraduate students enrolled at *any* institution of higher learning in the state of Delaware are eligible to apply, except for those graduating in the Spring of 2005.  All students must have the active support of an advisor and a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students receive a stipend of up to $3500 and typically work ten weeks full-time during the summer and additional hours during the fall and winter as the individual project demands. Academic credit for the internship is also possible but must be coordinated with the student’s faculty advisor. Advisors may not advise more than two interns concurrently and must provide matching funds consistent with DWRC guidelines, usually by committing a percentage of their time to the intern’s project. Interns must submit a written report on their project and participate in a poster session at an undergraduate research conference in the spring of 2006. The application deadline for DWRC internships is March 25, 2005. Details on current and past projects, current faculty advisors, application materials to submit, and report and poster requirements, can be found at the DWRC website: http://ag.udel.edu/dwrc/jobs.html.  Two print copies of the online brochure will be mailed to potential project advisors listed at http://ag.udel.edu/dwrc/faculty.html; others may request copies from the DWRC, aboyd@udel.edu. 


Please promote among undergraduates and graduates: EPA Water Resources NNEMS Fellowships (applications due Jan. 15, 2005), see II. below.


The Institute for Soil and Environmental Quality’s undergraduate internships website lists opportunities categorized as "agricultural, companies, education, government agencies, non-profits, plant science, policy/campaigning, and summer research".  Visit http://ag.udel.edu/iseq/internships.htm.


Announcing $250,000 NIWR National Competitive Grants Water Resources Fellowships (applications due Feb. 22, 2005), see III. below.




Delaware State University graduate research assistantships, including projects researching weakfish, coastal resource management, Atlantic Sturgeon telemetry, American Eel ecology and harmful algal blooms, are available immediately and will be filled as soon as suitable candidate is identified.  Salary is $18,000/year (tuition waiver included).  $5,000 undergraduate summer internship opportunities working in the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center Program funded by NOAA are also offered.  For details see http://cars.desu.edu/faculty/mreiter/opportunities.htm or contact: Dr. Dennis McIntosh, phone (302) 857-6456, fax (302) 857-6402, e-mail dmcintosh@desu.edu.


Job posting: Suffolk Regional Watershed Manager, VA Dept, of Conservation & Recreation.  Closing date for applications is Dec. 1, 2004.  See “Albemarle Chowan and Coastal Regional Watershed Manager (Env. Mgr I), position #00785” listing at http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/jobs.htm.  Estimated starting salary $44,000 - $58,000.


Attention US graduate students in science, engineering, or biomedical research: For details concerning the National  Science Foundation's 2005 East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Program (application deadline Dec. 10, 2004 for summer 2005), visit http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2003/nsf03608/nsf03608.htm or contact Tony Teolis, National Science Foundation, 703-292-7343 (ateolis@nsf.gov).  Awardees will receive an NSF stipend of $3,000 for an 8-week project and will also receive an international round-trip air ticket; sponsoring organizations will support living arrangements and expenses.


Job posting:  Nonpoint Source Data Analyst, University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Chesapeake Bay Programs, in Annapolis, MD.  Faculty Extension Assistant, Full Time, Term Appointment, salary $40,000 - $45,000.  Closing date is Dec. 17, 2004 or until a suitable applicant is found. To apply, send letter of application, curriculum vitae or resume, transcripts and at least three individuals who will serve as references with their names, addresses, and telephone numbers, along with your name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address to: Dr. Thomas W. Simpson, Nonpoint Source Analyst Search, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1209 Symons Hall, University of Maryland, College Park, MD  20742.  Phone 301-405-5696, fax 301-405-2963, e-mail tsimpson@umd.edu


Announcing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Undergraduate & Graduate Fellowships for 2005:  Applications are due January 15, 2005 for ~ 40 USEPA National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) Fellowships.  Work full-time this summer or part-time during the school year for the USEPA and earn $6,900 - $11,000!  Visit http://www.epa.gov/enviroed/students.html or call 1-800-358-8769 for details.  The NNEMS fellowship program is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with practical research or training experiences in contemporary environmental issues linked directly to their field of study.  Grant awards reflect an individual student’s level of education, as well as the location and duration of the research project.  There is no matching or cost sharing required of students awarded NNEMS fellowships.  The program catalog is available online: http://www.epa.gov/enviroed/NNEMS/pdf/catalog2005.pdf.  A reference copy is also available for perusal from Nancy Lynam, UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 104 Townsend Hall, Newark DE 19716 (302-831-2508). For details on qualification criteria and specific opportunities, visit these websites or contact: Dr. Tom Sims (email jtsims@udel.edu, UD 113 Townsend Hall, Newark DE 19716-2103, phone 302-831-6757, fax 302-831-6758).

Graduate students in water science and technology: the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) offers $15,000 fellowships for 2005-2006 (visit www.nwri-usa.org or contact 714-378-3278) to support water resources research pertaining to NWRI's mission to create new sources of water through research and technology and to protect the freshwater and marine environments.  Research areas include, but are not limited to, engineering sciences, physical and chemical sciences, biological sciences, health sciences, political sciences, and planning and public policy.  Applicants must be enrolled fulltime at a U.S. university or college but need not be U.S. citizens; applications are due March 1, 2005.


$250,000 WATER RESOURCES NATIONAL COMPETITIVE GRANTS RFP is now posted at https://niwr.org/2005_104G_RFP and registration is now available on the NIWR site at https://niwr.org/NIWR/ Registration does not obligate the registrant to submit a proposal.  Successful applicants receiving up to $250,000 in federal funds for projects of 1 to 3 years in duration must match each dollar of the federal grant with one dollar from non-federal sources. Closing date for proposals to be filed on the web site by principal investigators is 5 pm EST Feb. 22, 2005.  Local Institute contact: Dr. Tom Sims (302-831-6757; FAX 302-831-6758; jtsims@udel.edu).


Dec. 1, 2004 Call for papers.  Conference: “River and Lake Restoration: Changing Landscapes”, Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) / National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR) 2005 Annual Conference, Jul. 12-14, 2005, Portland, ME.  For information, visit http://www.ucowr.siu.edu/05callpapers.pdf.  Contact is Rosie Gard, UCOWR Headquarters, gardr@siu.edu, and also Lynne Lewis, Bates College, llewis@abacus.bates.edu. 

Aquaculture Conferences: “Aquaculture...From the Mountains to the Sea,”  North East Aquaculture Conference & Exposition, Dec. 3-4, 2004, Manchester NH.  Discussions on culture techniques, management, business strategy. http://www.aquaculturemag.com/siteenglish/interneted/products/pdfs/NORTHE1.PDF

"Aquaculture ... Image, Sustainability & All that Jazz", World Aquaculture Society, Jan. 17-20, 2005, New Orleans, LA.  Managing resources for competing users.  http://www.WAS.org/

“White Clay Creek Symposium,” White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee, new University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration Water Resources Agency, other co-sponsors TBA.  Apr. 14, 2005 day-long event, University of Delaware Clayton Hall.  Updated agenda: National Park Service / White Clay Wild and Scenic River programs (Linda Stapleford); Stroud Water Research Center historic and scientific perspectives on the watershed’s ecosystem impact on water quality (Bern Sweeney, director);The Livable Landscape", techniques for aesthetic watershed conservation landscape design (author/photographer Rick Darke); a panel discussion on stormwater runoff planning and management in response to increased watershed development (government and engineering representatives).  Registration $10, luncheon included.  For information contact Linda Stapleford, 302-731-1756, lstaplef@msn.com. Visit http://www.whiteclay.org/.

"Managing Watersheds for Human and Natural Impacts: Engineering, Ecological, and Economic Challenges":  9th Watershed Management Conference, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), July 19-22, 2005, Williamsburg, VA.  Held every 5 years since 1965; 2005's focuses on the East Coast.  Local point of contact is Dr. William Ritter (william.ritter@udel.edu). For details, visit http://www.asce.org/conferences/watershedmanagement2005/


The Water Quality Information Center's listing of water-related conferences and calls for papers was recently updated.  The listing is at http://www.nal.usda.gov/wqic/meetings.html.



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