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Back-issues of the former WATER E-NEWS


DWRC's "WATER NEWS" Newsletters

The Delaware Water Resources Center published a newsletter from 1971 until 1991. In the 1990's, the DWRC focused efforts on communicating information via a newly developed homepage, as well as through notification mailings, which advertised specific programs or conferences.   Publication of DWRC's "WATER NEWS" newsletter resumed in the Spring of the year 2000 and has continued with spring and fall issues annually since then.  Click below for 2000 - 2011 newsletters. For copies of earlier issues, contact the DWRC.  Email mpautler@udel.edu to subscribe with the subject "Subscribe WATER NEWS".

WATER NEWS Back issues:

Spring 2000 Fall 2000  Fall 2001   
Spring 2002  Fall 2002 Spring 2003 Fall 2003
Spring 2004 Fall Part 1 2004 Fall Part 2 2004  
Summer 2005 Fall-Winter 2005-2006 Summer 2006 Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Summer-Fall 2007 Winter 2007-Spring 2008 Summer-Fall 2008 Winter 2008-Spring 2009
Summer-Fall 2009 Winter 2009-Spring 2010 Summer-Fall 2010 Winter 2010-Spring 2011
Fall-Winter 2011 and
Spring-Summer 2012
August 2015
(Vol. 14 Issue. 3)
November 2015
(Vol. 14 Issue. 4)
March 2016 (Vol. 15 Issue 1)


DWRC's "WATER E-NEWS" Newsletters

Distribution of DWRC's monthly WATER E-NEWS is extended to all interested members of the water community. Typical topics range from water resources professional organizations news, upcoming conferences, grant programs, job opportunities, and new publications / information sources. Email mpautler@udel.edu to subscribe with the subject "Subscribe WATER E-NEWS".

WATER E-NEWS Back issues:



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