Kid's Zone

UD College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment Interactive Coastal Habitat Page

US Geological Survey Water Science for Schools Page 

Lehigh Valley Water Links for Kids, Grownups & Businesses

The Groundwater Foundation

International Water Science and Education Program for Teachers

EPA: environmental projects for kids

Girl Scout Water Drop Patch Program

Earth Force, where youth solve environmental problems in their community, and learn to become life-long environmental stewards

Chesapeake Bay, the plants and animals that live there, the quality of the water and how to help "Save the Bay"

The Delaware River Basin; educational resources, maps, field trip opportunities

Educating Young People about Water

The Educational Resources Information Center Clearinghouse, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education; provides access to information available for teaching and learning about science, mathematics, and the environment

Center for the Inland Bays Education and Outreach efforts

National Drinking Water Clearinghouse, a website within the National Environmental Services Center website

Teaching Kids about Water Conservation

The Ultimate Water Cycle Lesson Page

Water Conservation Resources - Save Every Drop!

A Guide to Water Conservation

Water Cycle Information on Land

World Water Monitoring Challenge


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