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Internships and Jobs in Water Resources

  • New 2010-11 $1500 UD WATER Undergraduate Internship Program

    The multi-disciplinary UD WATER Project Team works to develop a watershed management plan for the Cool Run tributary of the White Clay Creek, a
    wild and scenic river whose tributaries flow through our campus. The team currently consists of faculty and professionals associated with the Delaware Water Resources Center, the UD Water Resources Agency, the Delaware Geological Survey, the UD Stormwater Management and Grounds programs, and the City of Newark.

    Three undergraduate internships are available for 2010-2011 to work with the UD WATER Team. Interns will work as a team to help develop and implement best management practices that protect water quality and restore ecosystems in the Cool Run watershed.

    Interns may work up to 150 hours, paid at $10 per hour, and will have an opportunity to gain experience and expertise in areas such as geohydrology, ecological engineering, soil and water conservation, water resources management,
    and environmental education.

    Application Deadline: Monday, October 4, 2010
    Click here for the internship application form
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    For more details on the UD WATER Project, including expressing interest in joining the Project Team, contact either of the the Project Coordinators:

    Dr. Tom Sims (limited availability between 9/17 and 10/1)        
    Delaware Water Resources Center           

    Jerry Kauffman
    UD Water Resources Agency

    You may also contact
    Maria Pautler
    Program Coordinator
    Delaware Water Resources Center

  • State/US Undergraduate Environmental Internships (source: ISEQ)


Delaware Water Resources Center (DWRC)
2009-10 Undergraduate Internships in Water Resources

2009-10 Application Form deadline 3/27/2009

2009 Internship Brochure - Spring 2009 program is similar to Spring 2008 program - amount is $3500 and deadline is 3/27/09 - (2 pages, pdf)
2009 Internship Small Poster (1 page, pdf)

2007-09 Projects Proposed by Faculty

(Best bet: Students, contact potential advisors directly to develop a project idea)
Undergraduate Internships 2000-2009 spotlight brochure (1,963 KB pdf) 


DELAWARE WATER RESOURCES CENTER (DWRC) UNDERGRADUATE INTERNSHIPS IN WATER RESOURCES provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate students and faculty to become directly involved in research and education programs that address water resource related issues of critical importance to Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region.


Eligibility: For the spring 2009 application period, all undergraduate students enrolled at any institution of higher learning in the state of Delaware may apply, except for those graduating at the end of the spring 2009 semester. All students must have the active support of a faculty advisor and a minimum GPA of 3.0.


Program Details and Deadlines (Brochure and Poster): The DWRC will pay up to $3500 per undergraduate intern, paid as hours worked at $10 per hour up to a maximum of 350 hours.  Internship projects must be completed by February 28th, 2010, with the final report submitted in April, 2010. Interns are also required to participate in a poster session at an undergraduate research conference in April, 2010. Academic credit for the internship is also possible but must be coordinated with the studentís faculty advisor. Faculty may not advise more than two interns concurrently and must provide matching funds consistent with DWRC guidelines, usually by committing a percentage of their time to the intern's project. The application deadline for DWRC fall internships is March 27, 2009. Application form must be accompanied by a copy of student's current unofficial transcript, current resume mentioning any special skills or experiences such as prior internships, research or education projects and laboratory or technical experiences, and a brief description (1-2 pages) of the research or education project proposed for this internship. The student's and faculty internship advisor's signatures are also required.


Types of Internships: DWRC general water resources internships are open to all eligible students and faculty at a Delaware institution of higher learning. Students must develop and conduct an internship project that is consistent with the DWRCís overall research and educational interests listed below.  


DWRC also offers co-sponsored undergraduate internships. Eligible students must develop and conduct their internship project with a faculty or staff advisor from one of the following co-sponsoring organizations:

Delaware Geological Survey

offers a co-sponsored internship specifically focusing on hydrogeology. Students can develop an internship project with researchers working on ground water supply, water quality, and other related geology or water resource topics.

DNREC Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

One DWRC co-sponsored internship in soil and water conservation is available.

Delaware State University faculty support internships in the areas of agriculture, natural

resources, aquaculture, and aquatic ecology.

UD Water Resources Agency 

offers a co-sponsored internship specifically focusing on water resource policy.

UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Two DWRC internships are available for projects in the departments of Animal and Food Sciences, Entomology and Applied Ecology, Bioresources Engineering, Applied Economics and Statistics, or Plant and Soil Sciences. An additional DWRC internship focusing on nutrient management and water quality is available for an internship project in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.  An additional DWRC internship focusing on soil - water quality relationships is available for an internship project in the Institute for Soil and Environmental Quality.

UD College of Arts and Science

Students can develop internship projects in chemistry, economics, geography, geology, political science, or other subjects closely related to water resources.

UD College of Engineering

Students can develop an internship project in areas such as Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

UD College of Marine and Earth Studies

Students can develop an internship project in areas such as Marine Biology and Biochemistry, Marine Policy, Oceanography, or Physical Ocean Science & Engineering.


Water resources research and education topics of interest to the DWRC include:  

  • Nutrient management and water quality for agricultural and non-agricultural systems

  • Pollutant sources, fate, cycling, and transport

  • Quantifying the response of aquatic systems to pollutant inputs

  • Water supply, demand, and conservation

  • Management and control of storm water runoff

  • Groundwater identification and protection

  • Treatment and disposal of on-site sewage and wastewater

  • Protection and restoration of wetlands

  • Water resources topics in marine studies

  • Water resources policy issues

  • Water resources in consumer affairs

  • Water resource management and public health

Contact faculty, reach an agreement to work together, and identify your topic to investigate. Faculty may not advise more than two interns concurrently and must provide matching funds consistent with DWRC guidelines, usually by committing a percentage of their time to the internís project.


Interested in a water-related topic not listed here? Questions? Contact Maria Pautler, Program Coordinator, or 302-831-0847.

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