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Participating Delaware State University (DSU) Agency:  Dept. of Agriculture & Natural Resources (DSU-AG)

Participating University of Delaware (UD) Agencies:  Colleges of Agriculture & Natural Resources (AG), Arts & Sciences (AS), Engineering (E), Human Services, Education, and Public Policy (CHEP), Earth, Ocean, & Environment (EOE), and Cooperative Extension, Delaware Geological Survey, and Water Resources Agency. 

Dept. / Agency


Research Interests

Applied Economics and Statistics (AG)

Duke, Joshua M

Demand-side management, law with respect to wetlands, and land use

Applied Economics and Statistics (AG)

Hastings, Steven

Economic development

Applied Economics and Statistics (AG)

Ilvento, Thomas

Economic development

Applied Economics and Statistics (AG)

Mackenzie, John

GIS; Land use

Aquaculture (DSU-AG)

McIntosh, Dennis

Aquaculture water quality, effluent  reduction/reuse

Biology (AS)

Herson, Diane

Physiology of organisms in water and soil

Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (AS)

Byrne, John

Political economy; sustainable development; environmental justice; technology, environment and society.

Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (AS)

Wang, Young-Doo

Sustainable water resources management; Water demand forecasting; Least cost water supply options; Drought demand rates; Water conservation technologies; Water conservation and stream flows; Conflict resolution in watershed management.

Center for Historic Architecture and Design (AS)

Ames, David


Civil and Environmental Engineering (E)

Chiu, Pei

Fate of organic pollutants in aquatic and subsurface environments; Accelerated bioremediation of contaminated groundwater; Development of new technology for treatment of groundwater and industrial wastewater

Civil and Environmental Engineering (E)

Di Toro, Dominic M.

Water quality modeling

Water quality criteria and standards

Sediment quality criteria (metals, pesticides, PAHs, mixtures)

Modeling stormwater impacts in surface water  Modeling control systems (stormwater retention, treatment devices)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (E)

Huang, Chin Pao

Environmental physical-chemical processes including the chemistry of heavy metal and its control, industrial and hazardous waste management, soil and groundwater remediation, environmental sonochemistry, implications and applications of nanotechnology, sustainable technology, impacts of climate change to the water environment.

Civil and Environmental Engineering (E)

Imhoff, Paul T.

Transport of fluids and contaminants in multiphase systems, including groundwater transport, stormwater infiltration, and movement of leachate through landfills;  mass transfer processes in subsurface environments; mathematical modeling

Consumer Studies (AS)

Morrison, James L.

Consumer and the environment Global trends in business  Bottled water consumption strategies

Delaware Geological Survey

Andres, A. Scott


Delaware Geological Survey

Baxter, Stefanie


Delaware Geological Survey

He, Changming

Numerical modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport; Aquifer characterization; Stochastic hydrogeology

Delaware Geological Survey

McKenna, Thomas (Tom)

Regional hydrogeology (field studies and ground-water modeling); Geographic information systems for spatial analysis;  Surface and borehole geophysics (focus on shallow-depth geology and hydrogeology); Sedimentary-basin modeling (burial history, multiphase-fluid and heat flow);Water resources.

Delaware Geological Survey

McLaughlin, Jr., Peter P.

Stratigraphy; Micropaleontology; Sedimentology; Aquifer
geology/hydrogeology; Water resources.

English (AS)

Jenkins, McKay

Relationship between humans and water through literature

Entomology and Wildlife Ecology (AG)

Chirnside, Anastasia E.M.

Agricultural practices/waste management, reconstructed wetlands, water quality, fate of pollutants, bioremediation

Entomology and Wildlife Ecology (AG)

Hough-Goldstein, Judith

Biological controls, wetlands restoration

Entomology and Wildlife Ecology (AG)

Ritter, William


Geography (EOE)

Clark-Sather, Afton

Irrigation in the Delmarva Peninsula

Geography (EOE)

DeLiberty, Tracey

Climatology, GIS, remote sensing

Geography (EOE)

Leathers, Dan

Snow hydrology, Delaware water resources

Geography (EOE)

Legates, David R.

Hydroclimatology, precipitation and climate change, computational methods.

Geography (EOE)

Levia, Delphis F.

Forest hydrology, biometeorology, biogeochemistry, field methods and instrumentation.

Geography (EOE)

Schreuder, Yda


Geography (EOE)

Willmott, C. J.

Global climate patterns, climatic change, hydroclimatology, computational and statistical methods

Geological Sciences (EOE)


Geological Sciences (EOE)

Michael, Holly

Hydrogeology, water supply sustainability, geostatistical modeling

Geological Sciences (EOE)

Pizzuto, James E.

Fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport

Geological Sciences (EOE)

Trembanis, Art

Measuring and modeling hydrodynamics; Near bed turbulence; Boundary layer processes; Scour evolution; Scour forecasting; Water quality monitoring; Marine robotics; Seafloor morphology; Bedform dynamics

Institute for Public Administration (AS)

Hugg, David


Institute for Public Administration, Water Resources Agency (AS)

Dworsky, Bernard

Institute for Public Administration, Water Resources Agency (AS)

Kauffman, Gerald J.,
Director, Delaware Water Resouces Center

Regional watershed management,  water supply planning and management,   intergovernmental water policy relationships  

Institute for Public Administration, Water Resources Agency (AS)

Minni, Nicole

Geographical Information Systems

Watershed mapping and data management

Institute for Public Administration, Water Resources Agency (AS)

Settles, Alex

Geographical Information Systems Comprehensive Planning

Institute for Public Administration, Water Resources Agency (AS)

Wollaston, Martin W.


Marine Biology / Biochemistry (EOE)

Kirchman, David

Microbial ecology of heterotrophic bacteria in aquatic environments (mainly estuaries and oceans); bacterial and degradation of macromolecules and other organic compounds; inorganic nutrient cycling of heterotrophic bacteria; phylogenetic structure of bacterial assemblages as revealed by molecular techniques.

Marine Policy (EOE)

Anderson, Lee

Fisheries economics

Marine Policy (MS); School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy (AS)

Kempton, Willett

Marine policy; Environmental values; Energy policy; Citizen's environmental values and actions

Mechanical Engineering (E)

Prasad, Ajay

Environmental fluid dynamics, experimental methods for fluid mechanics, bio-fluid mechanics, heat transfer in the environment, advanced measurement techniques for temperature and velocity.

Mechanical Engineering (E)

Roberts, Dustyn

Urban stormwater management.

Oceanography (EOE) and Chemistry (AS)

Church, Thomas 

Use of lead and its isotopes as tracers to quantify atmospheric inputs to and biogeo- chemical processes in the surface waters of the North Atlantic off Bermuda and initiation of similar research in the South Atlantic. 
Determination of atmospheric deposition and sources of metalloids in the coastal environment and identification of its fate in coastal waters
and sediments AIRMoN Long-term trends in coastal precipitation chemistry events. 
Loading of trace elements in tributaries of Chesapeake Bay. 
Fate of atmospheric trace elements in watersheds and coastal waters.

Oceanography (EOE)

Luther, George W.

Editor-in-chief of Aquatic Geochemistry. Redox reactions in the environment, trace element speciation in freshwater and marine waters and sediments including metal-ligand complexes, biogeochemical processes in freshwater and  marine environments, application of molecular orbital theory to geochemical processes, in situ electrochemistry and microelectrode technology.

Oceanography (EOE)

Scudlark, J.R.

Environmental chemistry; biogeochemical cycles of trace elements in coastal ecosystems; atmospheric sources, transport and deposition of nutrients and trace element.

Oceanography (EOE)

Sharp, Jonathan

Estuarine, coastal, and oceanic microbial biogeochemistry

Oceanography (EOE)

Ullman, William J


Geochemical Cycles; Coastal, Estuarine and Near Shore Processes; Early Diagenesis of Sediments; Rock/Water Interactions; Role of Bacteria and Metabolic Products on Rock/Water Interactions; Groundwater Chemistry; Geochemistry of Halogens; Non-Marine Evaporite Deposits; Fate of Aquatic and Marine Pollutants.

Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (EOE)

Muenchow, Andreas

Inner shelf dynamics DE/NJ/MD;  South American shelves; Arctic shelves, slopes, and canyons;  Baffin Bay

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG)

Balascio, Carmine C., P.E.

Stormwater management and surface water hydrology

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG)

Inamdar, Shreeram

Identifying watershed hydrologic flow paths Impact of riparian and wetland ecosystems Contaminant transport and fate Modeling hydrologic and water quality processes

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG)

Jin, Yan

Measurement and modeling of contaminant fate and transport in soil and groundwater. Recent projects include: 1) fate and transport of viruses in porous media, 2) fate and transport of volatile organic compounds and non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) in unsaturated porous media, and 3) colloid-facilitated transport of radionuclides in the vadose zone.

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG) & Cooperative Extension

Shober, Amy

Nutrient cycling, fate, and transport in soils. Development of agricultural management practices for water quality protection.

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG)

Sims, J. Thomas
ost Recent Former Director of the Delaware Water Resources Center

Nutrient cycling, fate, and transport in soils. Development of agricultural management practices for water quality protection. Beneficial, environmentally sound use of agricultural, municipal and industrial by-products as soil amendments

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG)

Sparks, Donald L.

Kinetics and mechanisms of soil chemical reactions

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG)

Vasilas, Bruce

Intern field oriented projects dealing with freshwater wetlands addressing: * Improvement of accuracy in identifying and delineating wetlands. *  Functional assessment of wetlands for mitigation purposes. *  Functional assessment of wetlands for water quality purposes. * Plant and wildlife ecology of wetlands. * Hydrology of wetlands. Interns will be trained in plant identification, plant ecology, soil science, and hydrology.

Plant and Soil Sciences (AG)

Wommack, K. Eric

Environmental virology; Marine biology and biochemistry

Political Science and International Relations (AS)

Johnson, Janet B.

Riparian buffers and landowner attitudes; Watershed protection policy

School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy (AS)

Jacobson, Eric


School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy (AS)

Warren, Robert


Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service (EOE)

Farrell, Joseph



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