Director of the DWRC:

Dr. Gerald J. Kauffman, Director of the University of Delaware Water Resources Agency, Assistant Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration,
Institute for Public Administration, University of Delaware.

Director's Page

March 16, 2015


With the retirement of Dr. Tom Sims, Deputy Dean of the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, I am pleased to be appointed the next Director of the Delaware Water Resources Center (DWRC). Dr. Sims skillfully served as the DWRC director for a decade and a half and made a real and substantial difference in the careers and lives of hundreds if not thousands of students, faculty, and staff who conducted research in water science and policy here at the University of Delaware. The DWRC is one of the 54 National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR) funded by the U.S. Geological Survey at land grant universities in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and three island territories. This year the DWRC celebrates our 50th anniversary of the center’s designation at the University of Delaware in 1965, one year after Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Water Resources Research Act (WRRA) that established the NIWR program on July 17, 1964. The DWRC belongs to the mid-Atlantic NIWR region that includes our colleagues at Cornell, Penn State, Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.


By its favorable geography and hydrology, the University of Delaware is fortuitously situated for water resources research. The Newark campus along the fall line between the Appalachian Piedmont and Atlantic Coastal Plain, and the coastal Lewes campus along the Atlantic Ocean sit amidst two great estuary systems – the Delaware and Chesapeake. These mid-Atlantic basins contribute drinking water to a full one-tenth of the nation’s population and the first (New York City), fourth (Baltimore/DC), and seventh (Philadelphia) largest metropolitan economies in the United States. The White Clay Creek National Wild and Scenic River flows through the University of Delaware here in Newark as an ideal experimental watershed for on-campus water resources research by students and faculty/staff. One of our objectives will be to increase the amount of federal, state, local, and foundation support for internships and research assistantships for students and faculty to conduct water resources research here in Delaware, the Delaware Valley, and throughout America.


If you are on campus, please feel free to drop by my office at the DGS Annex on Academy Street in Newark or contact me at 302-831-4929 or



Gerald J. Kauffman, Ph.D.

Director, Delaware Water Resources Center


The DWRC can also be contacted via

Program Coordinator Maria Pautler

302-831-0847 or

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