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This page is intended to provide information on soils in the United States.

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Soil Basics:

Educational Resources:

From NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:

From National Association of Conservation Districts:

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Do you know the story of soil?

  • Water is life:

  • Food Quality:

  • Human Health:




    University of Delaware: How To Take A Soil Sample

    University of Delaware: How To Interpret A Soil Test

    University of Delaware: How To Fertilize Your Lawn

    University of Maryland Extension - Home and Garden Information Center video: "How to Collect a Soil Sample"

    Soil Stories (Part 1):

    Soil Stories (Complete video):



    Various Types of Soils:

    Click on soil name for more information

    Delaware's State Soil: Greenwich



    Maryland's State Soil: Sassafras



    Pennsylvania State Soil: Hazelton


    New Jersey State Soil: Downer



    Virginia State Soil: Pamunkey



    District of Columbia Soil: Sunnyside

    Complete list of state soils:

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