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Turf - Lawns, Golf Courses and Athletic Fields

  • Nutrient recommendations for individual sections as well as the entire "Turf" section will be available soon.

Section 4B: Turf -- Residential and Industrial Lawns, Golf Courses and Athletic Fields

1. Athletic Fields and Industrial Lawns -- Establishment

2. Athletic Fields and  Industrial Lawns -- Maintenance

3. Bermuda Grass - Zoysia Lawns -- Establishment

4. Bermuda Grass - Zoysia Grass Lawns - Maintenance

5. Bluegrass - Fescue - Ryegrass Lawn -- Establishment

6. Bluegrass - Fescue - Ryegrass Lawn -- Maintenance

7. Golf Courses -- Bentgrass Fairways

8. Golf Courses -- Bentgrass Greens and Tees

9. Golf Courses -- Bluegrass Fairways and Tees

Calculating the Lime Recommendation

To determine the lime requirement for a site, follow these steps:

  1. Select the appropriate lime table from the list below based upon the target pH of the crop as listed in the recommendation section.  Locate the value in the table where the Water pH row (shown along the left side of table) and the Buffer pH column (shown across the top of the table) intersect (see example). 
  2. Determine whether a lime credit is necessary. Lime credits are used to account for any lime that was applied in the past 18 months which has not had a chance to react. The equation for calculating the lime credit and an example can be obtained by clicking here.
  3. Determine the the type of lime recommended (e.g., calcitic or dolimitic) by clicking here.

University of Delaware Lime Tables

These tables are designed to be used with the Adams-Evans buffer pH. If the lime requirement test was performed by laboratory using a different buffer method, contact the laboratory for the appropriate lime tables.

Target pH 5.6  -- Black high organic matter soils

Target pH 6.0 -- Most residential lawns

Target pH 6.5 -- Athletic fields, industrial lawns and golf course turf,

All Lime Tables --  This .pdf file contains copies of all five lime tables for home garden,  landscape and turf plantings as well as a table of target pH values used by the UD Soil Testing Program. 

Turf Soil Test Notes

Soil Test Note 1: Explanation of Laboratory Tests

Soil Test Note 8: Interpretation of the Soluble Salts Test

Soil Test Note 9: Fertilizing Bluegrass and Fescus Lawns

Soil Test Note 10: Fertilizing Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass Lawns


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