Distance Education

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers distance education courses.

These courses serve current students and support our southern Delaware bachelor’s of science degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR).

To learn more about courses, degrees, and student services offered by UD’s Online Distance Learning program please visit their website.

Agricultural Education

  • AGED 430/630 Working with Advisory Councils

Animal Science

ANFS 101 Introduction to Animal Science
ANFS 251 Animal Nutrition
ANFS 261 Principles of Companion Animal Nutrition
ANFS 267 Equine Nutrition
ANFS 305 Food Science
ANFS 315 Food Safety from Farm to Fork
ANFS 421 Poultry Production
ANFS 436 Immunology of Domestic Animals

Engineering Technology
EGTE 103 Land and Water Management
EGTE 115 Introduction to Computer Problem Solving
EGTE 311 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
EGTE 328 Waste Management Systems
EGTE 449 Applied Controls
EGTE 456 Fundamentals of HVAC

Entomology and Wildlife Conservation
ENWC 205 Elements of Entomology
ENWC 214 Apiology and Apiculture

Operations Research
ORES 601 Survey in Operations Research I
ORES 602 Survey in Operations Research II

Plant and Soil Sciences

PLSC170 Soils and Environmental Quality
PLSC 202 History of Landscape Design
PLSC 204 Introduction to Soil Science
PLSC 332 Basic Landscape Design


STAT 200 Basic Statistical Practice
STAT 608 Statistical Research Methods