Bulb-Dimmer Interactions

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Dimmer IDDimmer NameLinearity ScoreRefire ScoreMedium performance scaleLow performance scaleLight output efficiencyTotal ScoreChart Spectral Distribution
E3Rotem RLED - L110814581ChartChart
E4Rotem RLED - L29924583ChartChart
E1Rotem RLED - HY101003580ChartChart
E2Rotem RLED - LE91034589ChartChart
D3Munters Farm Light - L19824580ChartChart
D5Munters Farm Light - L3101013582ChartChart
D4Munters Farm Light - L29934585ChartChart
D2Munters Farm Light - LE81034587ChartChart
D1Munters Farm Light - C1101013584ChartChart
CPro-Tech 2k Green Rimmer8535574ChartChart
B3Precision MR3- FL7944582ChartChart
B1Precision MR3- LB10812573ChartChart
B2Precision MR3- CC10914582ChartChart
A3Precision MR4- L38834581ChartChart
A1Precision MR4- L11855566ChartChart
E5Rotem RLED - L3101023583ChartChart
A4Precision MR4- L491035591ChartChart
A2Precision MR4- L28834580ChartChart
FZaxe Technologies D18145564ChartChart
GHired Hand Evolution9125560ChartChart
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