Bulb-Dimmer Interactions

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Lamp ID Lamp NameLinearity Score Refire Score Medium performance scaleLow performance scaleLight output efficiencyTotal Score Chart Spectral Distribution
LED2Overdrive 10W 5K7045558ChartChart
LED3Once Innovations AgriShift 12W7955484ChartChart
LED4Overdrive 6W 5K1055033ChartChart
LED5NextGen 10W 3.5K7855583ChartChart
LED6Technilight 8W 3K1855566ChartChart
LED7Selco 6w 5k8545575ChartChart
LED8Overdrive 6W 3K1055033ChartChart
LED13Once MLB 12W71055589ChartChart
LED9Overdrive 8W 5K1055033ChartChart
LED12CREE 6W 2.7K8145564ChartChart
LED1Verbatim 8 W1855566ChartChart
LED14Luma 7W 4.1K1055033ChartChart
LED11Evergreen 9W 2.7-3K1055441ChartChart
LED10NatruLED 9.5W 3K7045558ChartChart
LED15Ecosmart 6w A8944585ChartChart
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