Aerial shot proximity
The close proximity of classrooms and laboratories in Townsend and Worrilow halls to the UD dairy and surrounding croplands provides a unique setting for teaching and research.

Teaching Program

The Dairy Science teaching program blends traditional college coursework with hands on opportunities for students interested in careers in the dairy industry or in other animal science professions or moving on to veterinary school or graduate school.
Many students begin their work in dairy science as freshmen in Functional Anatomy of Domestic Animals. This course, in addition to Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals offered to upperclassmen, provides the framework for understanding the
basics of dairy cows.

The Dairy Production course provides students with a basic knowledge and
understanding of the management and production of dairy cattle in the United States.
Laboratory periods provide an opportunity for the development of hands-on skills used
in dairy production.

The upper level course Ruminant Nutrition and Metabolism teaches students the
fundamentals of microbial fermentation and covers how these processes benefit the
cow by supplying nutrients and detoxifying detrimental compounds in the diet.
Lactational Physiology covers the fundamentals of physiology and metabolism involved
in starting, maintaining, and stopping lactation