Student in lab
Students working in lab
Undergraduates and graduates vary in their prior experience with dairy science. Students who work in the dairy science laboratories are typically animal science majors; however, students from other departments throughout the university have participated in dairy research.

Student Research Opportunities

The farm and accompanying facilities offer many research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. Undergraduates may be involved in research in several ways. Students can volunteer, be paid, or obtain academic credit for research. Several formal programs are also available that support undergraduate research, including the Science and Engineering Scholars (SES) Program, the Howard Hughes Research Program, and the McNair Scholars Program.

Many undergraduate and graduate researchers have gone on to complete successful programs in graduate programs (M.S. and Ph.D. degrees) and veterinary school. Students have become practicing veterinarians, extension educators, biologists and research scientists in industry and at Universities. For more information, visit: this website.