Cooperative Extension Specialists
UD dairy science faculty work together with Cooperative Extension specialists to put research findings in the hands of dairy farmers.
Dr. James Glancey
UD faculty and cooperative extension professionals provide assistance to farmers wanting to update their current dairy facilities. Dr. James Glancey, a faculty member with UDís departments of bioresources engineering and mechanical engineering, conducts research to create engineering systems that aid in production agriculture.

Dr. Don Tilmon, UD Extension Specialist, and Dr. Tanya Gressley, dairy science assistant professor, consult with farmers about how improvements to farm management practices have an effect on milk production.

Dairy Extension Program

Communicating results of the latest dairy science research to Delaware’s agricultural community is a high priority for UD Cooperative Extension. The CANR has established a multi-disciplinary dairy extension team that is responsible for technology transfer and assisting dairy farms throughout the state. Key areas addressed by this Extension team include dairy nutrition, agronomic aspects of crop production on dairy farms, engineering systems for housing, feeding, milking, and waste management, dairy health and reproduction, and the economics of dairy farming. The team organizes the annual Delmarva Dairy Days Program, conducts short programs on special topics, and does regular visits to farms. Newsletters and fact sheets are also disseminated throughout the state and region.

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