How to buy

We will sell pints, half gallons, and 2.5-gallon containers at our storefront. Pints are also available at the UD Barnes and Noble, Harrington Market, Rodney Market, POD market and the UD Marriot Hotel. You can also find exclusive flavors at Desserts by Dana Bakery on Kirkwood Highway.

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UDairy Ice Cream is currently available for purchase in bulk (2.5-gallon container size). One 2.5 gallon bulk container will serve approximately 35-40 singles scoops.


Due to high demand and production time, Large orders (3 or more 2.5-gallon containers) must be be ordered 7 days prior to pick up.  Smaller orders (1 or 2, 2.5-gallon containers) must be ordered 5 days prior to pick up.

Delivery is available for orders over $90.00, ON CAMPUS ONLY, Monday through Friday.


1. To purchase, please print and fill out the form below.

You may scan and email the completed form to

OR Fax the form to 302-831-4035

OR send through campus mail to UDairy Creamery

Ice Cream Order Form

Ice cream CAKE order form

2. You will be sent an automated e-mail response from our student management team. They will respond to your request two to three days after it is received. If you do not receive the automated response or a follow-up e-mail, please call (302) 831-2486.

3. Closer to the date of pick-up you will receive an additional email with specifics (location, time, etc.). We recommend that the customer bring coolers for transport, as they are not provided by the creamery. 

4. Payment is required at or before the time of pickup and acceptable by cash or check made payable to the University of Delaware.  (If you are a UD entity, we do accept payment via journal voucher; please supply your Purpose Code prior to purchase date and the Creamery will process the journal voucher after the delivery or event.)   

Not sure what you need?  Email for more information.


  • UDairy Creamery  •   535 South College Avenue  •  Newark, DE 19716   •  Phone: 302-831-2486