A&NR Computer Lab Policies

Welcome to the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Computer Facility. While it is our goal to help all users, whether Faculty, Staff, or Students, we ask that you please read and abide by our policies to make the facilities more useful for everyone. Thank you.


Printing Fee Plan

The printing fee plan applies to all members of the campus community (students, staff, and faculty) who have a valid UD ID card and print in a computing site.

Important Note
Everyone who has a valid UD ID card has a FLEX account associated with his/her card whether or not he/she has ever initiated use of the FLEX account.

The printing fee plan allows a UD student to print a specific number of "images" (one side of a piece of paper) for free before incurring fee-based printing:

1. Free printing : 100 free "images" per student

  • Every 6 month period (January 1-June 30 and July 1-December 31), you can print 100 free "images" at no cost.
  • After your free allocation is used, printing fees are charged to your UD FLEX account (see fee-based printing below).

2. Fee-based printing : Rates apply to all individuals. (Carry-over of unused free page allocation is not provided.)

  • Five cents ($0.05) per image printed simplex (one side of one piece of paper)*
  • Four cents ($0.04) per image printed duplex (both sides of one piece of paper)

*In all IT-managed computing sites, the default setting for printer is duplex printing. If you want to print on only one side of a piece of paper, you must select simplex.

Computer Usage Policy
  • Please no food or drinks near computers
  • See Lab Assistant on duty for help logging in
  • Please use computers responsibly and in accordance with University Policy for Responsible Computing
  • If you would like to listen to a cd while you work, please use headphones
  • Do Not install ANY software on the Lab computers
  • Do Not download ANY programs of the web onto the Lab computers
  • Sign in before using the Lab facilities