Poultry Health

The overall goal of the Poultry Health program is to provide surveillance, rapid diagnosis, prevention, and control of avian diseases.  Applied and basic research will evaluate existing methods and develop new technologies that are relevant to poultry production practices used in Delmarva. The program will have the capability to respond to immediate disease threats as well as those requiring more long term solutions. Moreover, poultry and avian zoonotic diseases will receive a high priority.  Educational training will be a major goal of the Poultry Health program. The Poultry Health program will provide outreach regionally, nationally and internationally and seek linkages with other partners to enhance effectiveness.

• The University of Delaware Poultry Health System

Some specific Poultry Health research areas now being investigated by Avian Biosciences Center faculty and staff include:

Avian Influenza

Surveillance Programs in Poultry and Wild Birds
Emergency Depopulation Research
In-House Composting for Responding to Catastrophic Losses
Efficacy of Disinfectants and Common Chemical Compounds
Viral Pathogenesis Studies and Vaccine Evaluations

Surveillance of avian influenza virus, exotic Newcastle disease (END) and other important diseases in wild birds (waterfowl and shore birds), commercial and privately owned poultry

Evaluation of rapid diagnostics for avian diseases such as AI and END as well as other economically important diseases

Implementation of information technology systems that include and interface global positioning and diagnostic laboratory information management

Development of vaccines to prevent and control poultry diseases

Development of emergency management practices to reduce biosecurity risks during disease outbreaks (emergency mass depopulation and composting procedures)

Infectious Bursal Disease Challenge Service

Infectious Bronchitis Virus Genotyping Service

Marek’s Disease Research

Infectious Laryngotracheitis Research