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Delmarva's Poultry Industry: An Agricultural Cornerstone

The poultry industry is the mainstay of agriculture on the Delmarva Peninsula, accounting for nearly 70% of the agricultural income in this region. Each year about 600 million broiler chickens are produced on Delmarva with a total economic value of nearly $2 billion. Farmers in the region also benefit economically, producing more than 80 million bushels of corn and soybeans annually as feed for this vitally important, global agribusiness. Others in the community benefit as well, because seven jobs in other employment sectors are created for each of the 16,000 jobs in the poultry industry.

Facts About Delmarva's
Broiler Industry

Annual Broiler/Roaster/Cornish Production 571,141,000 Total Pounds Produced 3,331,005,000 Poultry Growers and Company Employees 15,932 Number of Broiler/Roaster/Cornish Houses 5,430 Bushels of Corn used for Feed 76,435,000 Bushels of Soybean used for Feed 30,309,000 Wholesale Value of Broilers/Roasters/Cornish $1,652,309,000 Each job in the poultry processing industry creates 7.2
jobs elsewhere
For the latest statistics on the poultry industry, visit the Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. website.
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