Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities Through the Avian Biosciences Center

Avian Biosciences Grant Program

2009-2010 Award Recipients
Larry Cogburn; "Interrogation Genome Sequence Variation in High Growth x Low

Growth F2 Resource Population for Fine Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci"

Erin Bernberg; "A Deep Sequencing Approach for Identifying Cleaved Targets of MDV1

and Chicken MicroRNA's"

Mark Parcells; "Innate Immune Signaling in Protection from Marek's Disease


Undergraduate Funding Opportunities
Summer Internships
Undergraduate students each will be supported for a summer internship in the research laboratories of ABC Member Faculty.  The student’s research programs will be directed by member faculty of the ABC.  At the end of their summer internships, the students will present a poster or oral presentation of their research findings.