Emergency Poultry Disease Response (EPDR) Certificate Course

Monday, June 15 to Friday, June 19, 2015

According to the World Health Organization, the only feasible measure to stop avian influenza, in the absence of human vaccine and effective drugs, is culling of infectious birds and to improve personal hygiene.

Program Description

The University of Delaware Emergency Poultry Disease Response Certificate Course:

  1. Teaches U.S. and international professionals about preparedness planning, biosecurity and assessment tools, and rapid response techniques and technology - the three critical aspects of successfully managing an outbreak of potentially catastrophic poultry disease.
  2. Gives participants the opportunity to engage with fellow poultry veterinarians and agricultural professionals from around the U.S. and the world.
  3. Provides participants the opportunity to learn Continuing Education (CE) credits for license renewal purposes.
Picture of EPDR training

The EPDR training program is an intensive5 day program, taught in English,for 16 to 20 participants held at the UD's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Newark, Delaware. Newark is located half way between New York City and Washington, DC., and at the northern end of the Delmarva Peninsula, one of the largest poultry production areas in the United States.

Using a mixture of seminar, discussions, and hands-on technology demonstrations, the Certificate program's instructors will cover: understanding the influenza virus, surveillance, biosecurity, outbreak response and control, incident command structures, protecting the responder, depopulation, disposal, composting, and decontamination. The training program presents and utilizes the "Delaware model," which emphasizes close cooperation between government, industry and educational institutions to manage avian influenza outbreaks utilizing best management practices and technologies related to controlling outbreaks of avian influenza and other catastrophic disease outbreaks.

Upon successful completion of the Certificate program participants will receive a Certificate in Emergency Poultry Disease Response from the University of Delaware and earn continuing education units (CEU) necessary for professional re-certification requirements, such as veterinary or veterinary technician continuing education: 3.2 CEUs (32 training hours).

EPDR Graduating class, 2009

The Certificate is a joint program of the University of Delaware's Avian Biosciences Center in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Division of Professional and Continuing Studies.