Emergency Management of Poultry Disease Outbreaks Certificate Training Program


             The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
                                 Bulgarian Borlaug Fellows


                                    November 7 – 17, 2007

                      Newark and Georgetown, Delaware, USA


Certificate Training Program Overview: This training program is designed for eight (8) USDA Bulgarian Borlaug Fellows from the government veterinary service and the commercial poultry industry who are responsible for preparing for and responding to outbreaks of avian influenza and other poultry diseases.  The Fellows manage national or regional veterinary services, animal diagnostic laboratories, or commercial poultry operations.  The Bulgarian Borlaug Fellows are:

Dr. Ludmil Antov, Director, Regional Veterinary Office – Montana Region

Dr. Pencho Kamenov, Director of the Directorate of Animal Health, National Veterinary Service

Dr. Marin Marinov, Director, Animal Health Department – Varna Region

Dr. Nedelcho Nedelchev, Director, National Veterinary Research Institute

Dr. Petar Pachev, Director, Animal Health Department - Bourgas Region

Mrs. Milena Panayotova, Deputy CEO, Aves AD Inc.

Mr. Radoslav Slavov, Ameta Holding Co.

Dr. Dimitar Tzvetanski, Government Veterinarian, Gorna Oriahovitza Municipality

The Fellows can adapt the practices and technologies presented during the training program for use in Bulgaria and build mutually-beneficial partnerships with colleagues in Delaware. 

The training program presents and utilizes the “Delaware model,” which emphasizes close cooperation between government, industry and educational institutions to manage avian influenza outbreaks.  Specifically, participants will learn about the Delmarva (Delaware (Del), Maryland (Mar), Virginia (Va) poultry industry’s best management practices and technologies related to controlling outbreaks of avian influenza. 


Training Program Learning Objectives:  By the end of the technical training tour, participants will understand:

  • How Delmarva’s commercial poultry industry works with government and academia to protect their industry during outbreaks and to build public confidence once the outbreak is over;
  • The elements of successfully planning for and responding to a poultry disease outbreak, including state and local policies, indemnification agreements, incident command management structures, required animal diagnostic laboratory infrastructure, media relations, multi-jurisdictional cooperation.
  • The personnel requirements to successfully respond to poultry disease outbreaks.
  • The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for all personnel responding to an outbreak.
  • The options available to cull sick flocks (CO2, foam, etc.).
  • The options to dispose of culled flocks including in-house composting.
  • The techniques to clean and disinfect a poultry house to get it back into production as quickly as possible.
  • The structure and production methods of Delmarva’s poultry industry
  • How the Delmarva Poultry Industry uses its farm biosecurity assessment tool to assess the biosecurity of poultry farms;
  • The poultry industry technology available from Delmarva-based companies.

At the end of the training program the Borlaug Fellows and University of Delaware personnel will discuss specific ways to use the Delaware Poultry Disease Management experience to enhance the Bulgarian model of poultry disease management.  UD personnel can travel to Bulgaria in the Spring of 2008 to provide follow-on technical assistance and training. 

Program Structure: The training program will take place at the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Newark, Delaware and at the University’s Carvel Research Center in Georgetown, Delaware.  The Carvel Center is located in the heart of the commercial poultry industry in Georgetown, Delaware.  Meetings with university researcher, poultry industry representatives and equipment suppliers will occur either in Newark or Georgetown, Delaware. 

UD will use short presentations in English with consecutive translation, peer-to-peer discussions, simulation exercises and technology demonstrations during the program. 

Fellows are encouraged to share their experience managing poultry disease outbreaks so that UD and Delmarva poultry officials may learn from Bulgaria’s experience. 

Due to biosecurity concerns; there will be no visits to farms or commercial operations.  However, the composting and foam demonstrations will take place on the University of Delaware’s demonstration farm in Georgetown, Delaware. 



Jack Gelb, Jr., Ph.D.

Director, Avian Biosciences Center

& Chair, Department of Animal and Food Sciences

University of Delaware

46 Townsend Hall

Newark, DE 19716


Robert L. Alphin, M.S.

Poultry Research Coordinator and Allen Laboratory Manager

107 Allen Laboratory

Newark, DE 19716


Eric Benson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Bioresources Engineering Department

242 Townsend Hall

Newark, DE 19716


Dan Bautista, DVM, MS

Director of Lasher Laboratory

16483 County Seat Highway

Georgetown, DE 19947


George W. Malone, M.S.

Extension Poultry Specialist/Associate Scientist

16483 County Seat Highway

Georgetown, DE 19947


Erin L. Bernberg, Ph.D.

Associate Scientist

Department of Animal and Food Sciences

245 Delaware Biotechnology Institute

Newark, DE 19716


Brian S. Ladman, MS, MBA

Associate Scientist

Department of Animal and Food Sciences

315 Worrilow Hall

Newark, DE 19716


George Irvine

Project Manager

Center for International Studies

& Division of Professional and Continuing Studies

186 South College Ave.

Newark, DE 19716


Costs: The University of Delaware (UD) will provide the Bulgarian Fellows with:

US Department of State and US Department of Homeland Security Visa fees ($200 value)

Round-trip economy class airfare from Sofia to Philadelphia

Ground transportation to and from the Philadelphia airport and to all official training functions;

Hotel accommodations (single rooms) in Newark and Georgetown, Delaware from November 7 to 17;

A meal and incidental stipend as determined by US Government daily rates for Delaware – provided in US dollars upon the day of arrival;

Assistance from UD staff throughout the program;

A cultural excursion to New York City or Washington, DC

Fellows are expected to bear a portion of their travel costs for this program including:

Travel costs from domicile to Sofia for Visa processing;

Transportation to/from the airport in Sofia;

Salary costs during the period of their stay in the U.S;

Personal spending apart from the per diem that the University of Delaware will provide;

Miscellaneous incidental costs preparing for their visit such as passport, pictures etc.

                                 Training Program Schedule:

 Emergency Management of Poultry Disease Outbreaks Certificate Training Program

                For United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
                                   Bulgarian Borlaug Fellows


                                      November 7 – 17, 2007

                          Newark and Georgetown, Delaware, USA
18:07 Arrival at Philadelphia International Airport
United Airlines #166

Met by Mr. George Irvine & Ahmed Skali, University of Delaware.  Look for “University of Delaware” sign.

Travel to Hotel
Hotel:  Sleep Inn
630 South College Avenue, Newark, DE  19713
Tel: (302) 453-1700
Fax: (302) 453-1710
George Irvine, Project Manager, Center for International Studies (CFIS), University of Delaware
Tel: (+1 302) 831-2852
Cell: (+1 302) 981-2520

Ahmen Dkali, Program Assistant,CFIS
Cell: (+1 302) 561-0979










Topics: Delaware adn Bulgarian Model sof Poulty Disease Management, Tour of Allen Laboratory (BSL Level 3) & Poultry Disease Surveillance Techniques in Delaware

Depart Hotel for Tour of the University of Delaware, College of Agriculture and Newark

Introduction of UD Personnel & Bulgarian Borlaug Fellows & Overview of the Training Program and Discussin of Bulgarian Expectations of Program

Presentation and Discussion of the Delaware Model of Poultry Disease


Presentation and Discussion of the Bulgarian Model of Poultry Disease Management-Government and Industry Perspective

Depart for Lunch

Tour of Allen Laboratory

Presentation and Discussion of Poultry Disease Surveillance Techniques used in DelMarVa for:

    - Diagnostic Tests for
       Avian Influenza

    - Wild Bird Surveillance

    - Backyard & Commercial
      Flock Surveillance

Reception in Honor of Delagation hosted by Dean Robin Morgan, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dinner as group of Free time

Newark, DE

Room 266 (Glass Room) at College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Blue & Gold Club

Charles C. Allen, Jr., Biotechnology Laboratory, (USDA BSL 3)

Bob Carpenter Center Club Room


George Irvine

Ahmed Skali, CFIS

Dr. Jack Gelb
, Director, Avian Biosciences Center, University of Delaware

Dr. Pencho Kamenov
, Director of Animal Health Directorate, National Veterinary Service

Dr. Jack Gelb

Dr. Erin Bernberg,
Associate Scientist

Brian Ladman, Associate Scientist

Dan Bautista, DVM,MS, Director of Lasher Laboratory











Topics:  Poultry Disease Incident Command Sructure Used in DelMarVa

Depart Hotel

Overview of Most Important Characteristics of DelMarVa Incident Command Structure (ICS)


Overview of ICS cont.


ICS Simulation Exercise


Discussion of Simulation Exercise Outcome

Return to Hotel

Free time and dinner on Main Street in Newark
Newark, DE

Dr. Gack Gelb &
Dan Bautista

ICS Simulation:
Dr. Gelb, Dr. Bautista, Sara Busch, DVM, Delaware State Veterinarian,
Anne Fitzgerald, Chief of Community Relations, Delaware Deparment of Agriculture,
Cindy P. Driscoll, DVM, State Wildlife Veterinarian, Maryland Departmetn of Natural Resources and Deborah Goeller, R.N.,M.S. Health Officer Worcester County Health Department

George Irvine
  Rest and Relaxation Day in Newark
Christiana Mall Shopping(optional)
8:30 am Depart Hotel for New York City Excursion   George Irvin &
Ahmend Skali

9:00 am



1:00 pm



5:00 pm

6:00 pm
Topics: (1) Commercial Surveillance and Testing Program in DelMarVa
(2) Agriculture and Public Health Coordination in an Outbreak
(3) Assessing Biosecurity of Commercial Farms

Check-Out from hotel and depart to Georgetown, DE

Testing for AI in Commercial Farms, Continuous Flock Sampling Protocols, & Demonstration of Poultry Testing


Testing for AI in Commercial Farms cont. & Agriculture and Public Health Coordination in an Outbreak


Perdue Farm's Assessment Tool to Measure the Biosecurity of Commercial Poultry Operations-Discussion of Applicability to Bulgaria & Incident Command Structure-A Company Perspective

Check-In at Hotel


Lasher Animal Diagnostic Laboratory and Carvel Research and Education Center 16483 County Seat Highway, Georgetown, DE  19947
(+1 302) 856-7303

Catered lunch at Carvel by Emmings Restaurant

Comfort Inn
20530 DuPont Blvd.,Georgetown, DE  19947
Tel: (302) 854-9400
Fax: (302) 855-9121

China Buffet

George Irvin

Dan Buatista,
DVM,MS,Director of Lasher Laboratory

Dan Bautista

Dr. David Shapiro,Veterinarian, Perdue Farms






12:00 pm

1:00 pm

2:15 pm

3:00 pm

5:30 pm

7:00 pm
Topics: (1) Flock Depopulation Options & Demonstration of Foam Technology: (2) Delaware Government Authority in Outbreak Situations

Depart Hotel

Overview of Flock Depopulation Methods used in DelMarVa & US Outbreaks


Flock Depopulation with Foam


Demonstration of Foam Depopulation Equipment and Operating Procedures & Meeting with Kifco Inc., Manufacturer of Equipment

Depart for Dover

Delaware Department of Agriculture's Authority to Act in an Outbreak of AI

Dinner with Dr. Gelb & Industry Representatives

Return To Hotel
Carvel Research and Education Center, Georgetown, DE

Catered lunch at Carvel by Ms. Hastings

Delaware Department of Agriculture, Dover, DE

Striper Bites Bistro, Lewes, DE


George Irvine

Bud Malone, Poultry Extension Specialist

Dr. Eric Benson, Assistant Professor, Bioresources Engineering Department

The Honorable Michael T. Scuse,
Secretary of Agriculture for Delaware
Ann Fitzgerald








Topics: (1) Poultry Production Practices on Delmarva
(2) Alternative Uses of Litter After Removal from Poultry House

Depart Hotel

Poultry Production and Housing Systems Used on Delmarve


Litter Management on Delmarva


Litter as Fertilizer: Site Visit to Perdue AgriRecycle Plant.  Fertilizer pellets for alternative markets and farm fertilizer.

Intervet Site Visit

Group Excursion to Rehoboth Shopping Outlets and Dinner

Carvel Research and Education Center
Georgetown, DE

CateredLunch at Carvel by Ms. Hastings

George Irvine

Bob Alphin

Bud Malone

Wayne Hudson,
Perdue AgriRecycle

8:45 am

9:00 am



12:00 pm

2:00 pm

3:30 pm
Topics: Composting of Poultry Mortalities

Depart Hotel

Overview of Composting Poultry Mortalities During an Outbreak


Results of Composting Experiment to Simulate Romanian/SE Europe Carbon Materials


Site Visit to Blessing Composting Inc.'s Composting Facility

Return to Newark, DE


Blessing Compost, Milton, Delaware

Sleep Inn
630 South College Avenue,
Newark, DE 19713
Tel: (302) 453-1700
Fax: (302 453-1710

George Irvine

Bud Malone
Dr. Erice Benson,

Robert L. Alphin, M.S.
Poultry Research Coordinator and Allen Laboratory Manager

Bruce Blessing, Owner
& Steve Rohm, Manager
8:45 am

9:00 am

11:00 am

12:30 pm

Depart Hotel

Presentation and Demonstration of Avian Influenza Disinfectant Testing Research:  The effectiveness of common chemicals alone and mixed with foam.

Capstone Recommendation for Bulgaria by Fellows & Discuss Possible Follow-On Training Program in Bulgaria

Post Program Evaluations

Capstone Luncheon

Free Time and Shopping in Newark

Allen Laboratory Meeting Room

Blue & Gold
George Irvine

Dr. Eric Benson

Bulgarian Fellows

George Irvine


12:30 pm
Check-Out from Sleep Inn and Departure to Philadelphia International Airport

Departure from Philadelphia International Airport
Newark, DE

United Airlines #487
George Irvine, CFIS
Ahmed Skali, CFIS


                                         Avian Biosciences Center Qualifications


              The University of Delaware’s Avian Biosciences Center (ABC) has an excellent record of providing high level poultry specific instruction, research, and consultation for many years to meet the needs of Delaware, regional, national and international companies, government agencies and students. Graduates of the University are employed in all segments of the poultry industry including broiler growing, hatcheries, egg laying, marketing, processing, vaccine development, poultry waste management, and poultry laboratory testing and management.  The Avian Biosciences Center partnered with the Delaware Technical and Community College in 2005 to create the Delmarva International Poultry Partnership and provided technical assistance to USDA and the Government of Romania on managing avian influenza.

Delaware’s poultry industry is well-developed and vital to the state’s economy.  According to the 2002 U.S. Census of Agriculture, Sussex County, Delaware, ranked first among America's counties in broiler chicken production. Approximately 71% of Delaware's cash farm income was from broilers in 2003. Delaware ranked 7th among the states in the pounds of broilers produced in 2005 with 1,835,000,000 pounds, up 23% from 2004. Delaware produced 282,300,000 broilers in 2005 with a broiler value of $844,100,000.  The average live weight of a Delaware produced broiler was 6.5 pounds. Although 49th in land mass, the State of Delaware is 7th in the nation in the value of poultry production.

The ABC is well positioned to provide technical assistance, training and research to build long-term capacity to manage the agricultural and economic impacts of avian influenza and other poultry diseases.   Our expertise is based on the fact that Delaware:

  • Is a leader in poultry production in the United States.
  • Contained outbreaks of low pathogen avian influenza and other poultry diseases (Newcastle disease and Gumboro disease) in the past.
  • Established a rapid response task force and developed a comprehensive response plan to deal with poultry disease outbreaks. 
  • Fosters world-class university, industry and government expertise on avian influenza, vaccines, disease tracking and characterization, and treatment.
  • Created effective cooperation among academia, industry and government to plan for disease outbreaks and research preventive measures.
  • Built two nationally recognized laboratories (Allen and Lasher) to conduct mass sampling of poultry, characterize diseases, and provide timely data to officials.
  • Trained laboratory technicians, industry workers, veterinarians at the community college and university level with proven training protocols and pedagogy.
  • Has a proven track-record of providing assistance to foreign governments, NGOs and academic institutions.

For more information:

Dr. Jack Gelb, University of Delaware, Department Chair, Animal and Food Sciences: jgelb@udel.edu

Or Mr. George Irvine, University of Delaware, Center for International Studies, girvine@udel.edu, (302) 831-2852.

Contact Information for Speakers:

Sara Busch, DVM
State Veterinarian
Delaware Department of Agriculture
(302) 632-7105
(302) 698-4560 Sara.busch@dda.state.de.us


Cindy P. Driscoll, DVM

State Wildlife Veterinarian

Director, Fish & Wildlife Health Program

MD Department of Natural Resources

Cooperative Oxford Laboratory

904 South Morris Street

Oxford, MD  21654

Office:  410-226-5193 x138

Fax:     410-226-5925


Anne Fitzgerald

Chief of Community Relations

Delaware Department of Agriculture

2320 South Dupont Highway

Dover, Delaware  19901

Phone:  800.282.8685 (DE only)

                 302.698.4520 (Office)

                 302.242.4092 (Cell)

Fax:         302.697.6287

E-Mail     anne.fitzgerald@state.de.us

Deborah Goeller, R.N.,M.S.

Health Officer

Worcester County Health Department

P.O. Box 249

Snow Hill, MD 21863

(410) 632-1100

FAX: (410) 632-0906

Email: debbiegoeller@dhmh.state.md.us

Dr. Goeller coordinates the Delmarva Joint AI Task Force, a collaborative group composed of state, county, corporate health officers, industry, state and industry vets and state officials. This group was formed in 2004 to address the human health aspects of AI response.

David Shapiro, DVM, Dipl. ACPV

Director, Veterinary Services

Perdue Farms Incorporated

P.O. Box 1537

Salisbury, MD 21802-1537

(410) 543-3921

Fax (410) 741-3248



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