Avian Genomics

The sequencing of the chicken genome, as well as the genome of many poultry pathogens, provides the tools to advance our understanding of poultry growth, health and disease. The goals of the avian genomics group are to apply these tools to diagnosis and treatment of disease and screening for desirable production traits. We have research programs aimed at identifying genes and pathways that have a role in disease and in growth. We also develop genome based diagnostic methods, and study the molecular basis of disease resistance and susceptibility.

Some specific Avian Genomics research areas now being investigated by Avian Biosciences Center faculty and staff include:

Identification of genomic factors influencing pathogenesis of avian herpes viruses and mycoplasmas
Evolution of virulence of Marek’s Disease virus
Interaction of MDV proteins with host cell
Regulation of the immune response to avian pathogens
Gene expression profiles in growth-selected chickens
Growth Physiology
Macrophage and Innate Resistance
Small RNAs and RNA Interference
Application of qPCR Nanotechnology for Poultry Disease and Food
Microbiology Surveillance and Diagnostics