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Analytical Information


Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)
(Thermo Elemental / Model: Intrepid II XSP Duo View)
(Additional Photos: 1 2 3)

Elemental Analyzer
(Elementar Americas / Model: Vario Mx CN)
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TOC Analyzer
(Elementar Americas / Model: Vario TOC Cube)
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AutoAnalyzer 3
(Bran & Luebbe / Model: AA3)

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Digestion System
(CEM Mars5 / Model: Mars5)

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Conductivity Meter
(VWR / Model: 1052)

High Temperature Furnace
(Blue-M / Model: CW6680F)

Plant Grinder
(Thomas Wiley / Model: Mini Mill)

Sample Drying Oven
(UD Carpentry Shop Constructed)

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Soil Grinder
(Customer Laboratory Inc. / Model: Dyna-Crush)

Auto Block Digester
(Environmental Express/ Autoblock)

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Methods Offered:


  • Water pH of Soil
  • Adams-Evans Buffer pH
  • Organic Matter by Loss of Weight on Ignition
  • Organic Matter by Walkley-Black Wet Combustion Method
  • Mehlich 3 Extraction
  • Sample Extractions by Mehlich 1 for Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, and Copper
  • Soluble Salts in Soils
  • Cation Exchange Capacity at pH 7.0 and Exchangeable Cations
  • Effective Cation Exchange Capacity by Summation of Exchangeable Acidity at the pH of the Soil and Exchangeable Bases
  • Soil Test Estimation of Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Nitrate and Ammonium-N of Soil by 2M KCl Extraction
  • Total Nitrogen and Total Carbon in Soil
  • Particle Size Analysis by Hydrometer Method
  • EPA3051 Microwave Digestion of Soils
  • EPA3050B by Autoblock Digestion
  • Nitric Acid Test for Soil Lead
  • Mechanical Sieve Analysis - MDSHA Samples


  • Total Nitrogen in Botanical Materials Automated Combustion Method
  • Microwave Digestion Dissolution Closed Vessel of Botanical Material
  • Nitric Acid / Peroxide Digestion by Autoblock
  • Corn Stalk Analysis for Nitrate and Ammonium
  • Determination of Dry Matter Content of Botanical Materials


  • Compost Moisture Content and Total Solids - 70 C
  • Compost Moisture Content and Total Solids - 105 C
  • Compost Total Elemental Composition Routine and Heavy Metals
  • Compost Nitrate and Ammonium-N
  • Compost Organic Matter by Loss on Ignition
  • Compost pH Soluble Salts (EC) and Extractable Nutrients in Water
  • Compost pH and Soluble Sales (EC) in Water
  • Compost Total N, Total C, and CN Ratio
  • Compost Elemental Composition Routine and Heavy Metals

Greenhouse Media

  • Saturated Media Extract Analysis for pH, EC, and Nutrients

Extract / Solution

  • pH
  • EC
  • Ortho-phosphate
  • Nitrate- and Ammonium-N
  • ICP Analysis

Specific questions concerning the equipment or methods documented on this page should be directed to the Director of the UD Soil Testing Program via email:

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