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Analytical Information


Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)
(Thermo Elemental / Model: Intrepid II XSP Duo View)
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Elemental Analyzer
(Elementar Americas / Model: Vario Mx CN)
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TOC Analyzer
(Elementar Americas / Model: Vario TOC Cube)
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AutoAnalyzer 3
(Bran & Luebbe / Model: AA3)

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Digestion System
(CEM Mars5 / Model: Mars5)

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Automated pH System
(LabFit / Model: AS-3000)

Conductivity Meter
(VWR / Model: 1052)

High Temperature Furnace
(Blue-M / Model: CW6680F)

Plant Grinder
(Thomas Wiley / Model: Mini Mill)

Sample Drying Oven
(UD Carpentry Shop Constructed)

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Soil Grinder
(Customer Laboratory Inc. / Model: Dyna-Crush)

Auto Block Digester
(*/ Model: *)

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(pdf versions of methods to be posted soon)


  • Water pH of Soil
  • Adams-Evans Buffer pH
  • Organic Matter by Loss of Weight on Ignition
  • Organic Matter by Walkley-Black Wet Combustion Method
  • Mehlich 3 Extraction
  • Sample Extractions by Mehlich 1 for Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, and Copper
  • Soluble Salts in Soils
  • Cation Exchange Capacity at pH 7.0 and Exchangeable Cations
  • Effective Cation Exchange Capacity by Summation of Exchangeable Acidity at the pH of the Soil and Exchangeable Bases
  • Soil Test Estimation of Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Nitrate and Ammonium-N of Soil by 2M KCl Extraction
  • Total Nitrogen and Total Carbon in Soil
  • Particle Size Analysis by Hydrometer Method
  • EPA3051 Microwave Digestion of Soils
  • Nitric Acid Test for Soil Lead
  • Mechanical Sieve Analysis - MDSHA Samples


  • Total Nitrogen in Botanical Materials Automated Combustion Method
  • Microwave Digestion Dissolution Closed Vessel of Botanical Material
  • Corn Stalk Analysis for Nitrate and Ammonium
  • Determination of Dry Matter Content of Botanical Materials



  • Compost Moisture Content and Total Solids - 70 C
  • Compost Moisture Content and Total Solids - 105 C
  • Compost Total Elemental Composition Routine and Heavy Metals
  • Compost Nitrate and Ammonium-N
  • Compost Organic Matter by Loss on Ignition
  • Compost pH Soluble Salts (EC) and Extractable Nutrients in Water
  • Compost pH and Soluble Sales (EC) in Water
  • Compost Total N, Total C, and CN Ratio
  • Compost Elemental Composition Routine and Heavy Metals

Greenhouse Media

  • Saturated Media Extract Analysis for pH, EC, and Nutrients


Specific questions concerning the equipment or methods documented on this page should be directed to the Director of the UD Soil Testing Program via email:

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